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Hey All -


We all are made differently and shouldn't be confined to a size chart.  Here at TRB Creations, we specialize in custom sizes for ALL.   Here is a video on how to measure yourself for an outfit or to know.



Measurements can be a pain, but it's necessary to finding clothing that fits.  Tailors tape or measuring tape is only $1 at just about any store. Here is a way to measure yourself before purchasing any clothing item.

Measuring your bust and band can aid if you find the correct bra size.  Subtracting your bust from band lets you find your cup size. 36” - 30” = 6” difference.
1” = A 
2” = B 
3 = C 
4 = D 
5 = DD
6 = DDD
7 = G

Measuring your waist is achieved by measuring above or at your belly button.  Measuring lower wait can cause clothing to fit looser.

Measuring hips is best when you find the area your hips stick out.
ALL OF OUR BODIES ARE DIFFERENT.  If you have any questions, please email me, and I will assist the best I can with helping you find the right measurements.

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