All You Need To Know About Our Reusable Cloth Pads

All You Need To Know About Our Reusable Cloth Pads

So you are ready to take the zero-waste approach with your cycle. I am excited for you!!! I know that it can be intimating receiving a new product to use on your most delicate region.

Here are TRB Creations, our owner Kedra makes sure that all products are suitable for your body and the environment.

For first time use of our cloth pads: The wings on our pads have a snap feature is for under your panty line area. Follow this link to see how you should put them on.

Here is a recommend time frame for each flow of pads:


Storage - This is totally up to you. You can purchase a wet bag to place them in, use a normal bag, or wash them after use.

Washing - It's ideal to wash your reusable cloth pads in cold water with a mild detergent that aids in stains. Using a spot cleaner on the stubborn stains will help with appearance. Place in the washing machine with cold water setting. Tumble Dry low if you desire; the best option is to lay flat to dry. Follow this link on a how to wash your pads.

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